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Why Scully Consulting?

Are you feeling disoriented, frustrated, lost, or stuck?  

Is there a personal or work relationship you are having struggles in?  

Maybe you are considering a new career, business, transfer or promotion?  

Perhaps you want to live - and work - more optimally and purposefully, or you know someone who does.  

If so, we may need to connect.

My name is Denys Scully and my goal is to help people, teams and organizations live and work 

in optimal balance and health and to raise the human spirit - and every activity and relationship - to what they are meant to be.  

I help equip people to optimize their lives for meaningful living and purposeful service.

Many today concur that although our culture has made certain strides like no other before it, and we know more about 

many things in our world than at any other time in history, we are also a people who seem to be losing heart, 

live in much confusion and are being tossed about in a stormy sea of change like ships without a rudder.  

I believe this is not only a cultural and societal issue but a very individual, relational and vocational one as well.

Without a clear understanding of who we are, where we should be going and how to get there; 

without practical support that helps us navigate troubles or relate well with others,  

we can end up wandering aimlessly through life or work, cycling through toxic and broken relationships and the like.  

Without understanding how we should live, or living how we know we ought, we can exist in unnecessary confusion and conflict.  

I seek to work together with people - in personal and professional situations - 

to help infuse meaning into their lives and find practical answers to their questions, dilemmas, roadblocks and problems.

There is a positive and wholesome meaning to your life, a healthy way for you to live, a noble purpose for you to fulfill and practical answers 

regarding how you can be the best person you can be and relate optimally with others.  The same goes for your team and organization.  

Why not give me a call or email?  It would be my pleasure to connect and discuss how I might be able to assist you.  

Denys's Experience

I value applying my 35+ years of experience in public service, education, pastoral work, management and sports coaching to practically and creatively assist people who wish to 

live more optimally and serve more purposefully.  

Besides my work experience my education includes a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities, 4 years of pastoral and theological training, certification as a Coach with the International Academy of Public Safety, Associate licensing with the Consulting Resource Group (CRG) International and more.  

Additionally, having lived and worked all across Canada as well as 

in the United States and Great Britain, and having traveled extensively and had international students living with our family for many years, I am familiar with and sensitive to the different influences and nuances that affect people's lives and families.  

I also have a great deal of personal experience 

with regards to marital and  family issues.  My wife and I have been married for 36 years, raised 3 children and now have 4 grandchildren.  

In conclusion, I bring to bear in my consulting an extensive background, which I find fulfilling to apply in helping others.  I have spent many years consulting with individuals, couples, teams and organizations, assisting them as they seek to weather the storms and navigate the obstacles that life and work so often present us.   

Please take some more time to look over my web site, consider how I might be able to assist you (or someone you know), then give me a call or email.  

It would be my pleasure to chat, and even meet.   

My Services


Do you need or want help developing the necessary skills to move forward into a satisfying, strong and confident life, education or career?  Or maybe you are already in a career and are trying to determine if you should take a transfer or promotion?  If so, you will want to check out my 

Personal and Professional Coaching.


Perhaps you - or someone you know - is struggling with personal issues or circumstances that have resulted in relationship problems, ill health, distorted thinking, inner pain or work conflict - things that have contributed to loss of contentment, purpose, hope or delight in life?  If so, I urge you to take a look at the unique service I offer through my Counselling.

Leadership Development

Maybe you want to develop the characteristics necessary to be a leader of integrity?  Or to nurture an organizational environment that facilitates good leadership in its staff?  If so, why not take a look at what I offer in terms of Leadership Development?

Educational Opportunities

If you, your group or organization are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, seminar, workshop or retreat, please check out a sample of the Educational Opportunities I provide.

In any of these areas, if you think I might be of service to you or someone you know please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I might help.

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